Introducing the TAP AccuTherm™

AccuthermDPS is proud to offer the latest invention from Airway Management. The new TAP AccuTherm™ eliminates fit issues. The trays are precisely adapted to the models with air pressure in the lab. Then the final fit, and any adjustment required, are done by simply warming the fitted tray in hot water. No handpiece needed. Once the ThermAcryl® material becomes clear and soft, insertion into the patients mouth yields a custom, perfect fit with great retention.

  • New crowns: no worries. Just heat the trays in hot water and refit.
  • Trays are 20% thinner than our popular triple laminate (TL) trays!
  • You can add a small amount of additional ThermAcryl as needed.
  • Double thick Polycarbonate shells have been proven to be very durable over the last 10 years.
  • It flexes over undercuts and sticks the seating.
  • Available in both the TAP3 and dreamTAP appliances.

To order from DPS, download our Dental Sleep Medicine Rx.