dentalTechnology_205x289Clinicians are leveraging their investments in chairside digital impression systems by partnering with digitally enabled laboratories to streamline their workflow and reduce the time and cost of treatment. We are able to accept digital impression files from:

  • 3M True Definition
  • 3Shape Trios
  • Carestream
  •  iTero
  • PlanMeca/PlanScan
  • Sirona Connect/CEREC
  • Straumann Cares
  • any open STL file

3M True Definition

For faster production, and more accurate results, 3M True Definition scan files can be sent to DPS for the design and fabrication of traditional restorations. True Definition Scanner users can contact 3M ESPE directly at 800-634-2249 to add Dental Prosthetic Services to your list of “Favorite Labs.”

3M True Definition Scanner Success Tips

3Shape Trios

Dentists should be registered with a 3Shape Communicate account when the scanner is installed. If Dental Prosthetic Services is not already pre-installed on the list of available labs, send a Connection Request from the Communicate account to Dental Prosthetic Services, or you can register  at DPS is a 3Shape Trios certified trainer. For more information on using your system, call us at 800-332-3341.

Itero scanner new iTero

Minimize the need for chairside adjustments by taking digital impressions for your implant and restorative cases. iTero users can contact Align Technology directly at 800-577-8767 to add Dental Prosthetic Services to your list of “Favorite Labs.”


To send a case to Dental Prosthetic Services, use the Scan Only and DDX Workflow.  For more information about the DDX Workflow, visit PlanMeca University.

Sirona Connect (CEREC)

To send a case for a traditional or implant restoration through Sirona Connect, follow the standard Sirona scan protocol. Select your restoration preferences, and send scans of the prepared Omnicamteeth with adjacent teeth, buccal bite (using V4.0 software) and the opposing arch. For anterior cases, an additional scan of the preoperative condition or a scan with the temporary in place is recommended for the best correlation design.

CEREC/Sirona Connect Success Tips