Cementing a Screw Retained Crown to a Custom Abutment

We have been working on a new video series with how-to guides, processes and procedures. Our first video is Cementing a Screw-Retained Crown to a Custom Abutment. Keep watching our website and Facebook pages for upcoming videos.


Instructions for cementing a screw-retained implant crown to a custom abutment in the dental office

Materials used:
  • 3M RelyX Unicem 2
  • Small mixing spatula and pad
  • Teflon tape
  • Brasseler Dialite HP Lab Disc L26HFP or similar silicone high-shine wheel
  • Robinson stiff bristle brush
  1. Seat abutment onto model (lingual is indicated by a small dimple on the abutment) and screw into place
  2. Place Teflon tape into screw access hole of abutment on model
  3. Verify fit of crown on abutment
  4. Remove crown
  5. Dispense one click of 3M RelyX Unicem 2 onto pad and mix parts A & B thoroughly with small spatula. One click is typically adequate for a medium size crown.  (You can use mixing tip with the cement to auto mix the cement—would require additional clicks)
  6. Using a small spatula, place cement into intaglio of crown
  7. Seat crown to abutment and immediately remove Teflon tape from hole and clean up any excess around hole
  8. Let cure for 6 minutes
  9. Use Silicone high-shine rubber wheel to remove excess at margin after cured.
  10. Remove crown and abutment from model and seat.
  11. Fill screw access hole with Teflon tape and composite