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Complimentary DPS Driver Delivery & Pickup

Call us at 800-332-3341 and we will send one of our drivers to pick up your case.  We have daily (Monday-Friday) routes throughout central and eastern Iowa and a Monday-Thursday route to Rochester and Austin, Minnesota.

We can set up your office as a daily stop or on an on-call basis; you decide. Need to know if you are in our pickup and delivery area?  Call us at 800-332-3341 and we can assist you.

Complimentary Ground UPS Shipping

For dental offices outside our pickup and delivery area, we offer free Ground UPS to and from the lab. For your convenience, you can print pre-paid UPS labels and request a UPS pickup below.  If you need to send us an expedited case or to set up a username and password, please call us at 800-332-3341. 

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Send Case UPS

Download the instructions for sending a UPS case.

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