DPS durasplintOur orthodontic appliance solutions are designed to your exact specifications and customized to meet the needs of your patient. We include a full range of orthodontic services and information to assist you in providing high quality, professional dental care.

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DPS Durasplints


This revolutionary composite is a superior alternative to traditional acrylic night guards. Durasplints offer multiple clinician and patient benefits:

  • Highly accurate, custom chair side fit (simply place in warm water for 30 seconds)
  • Comfortable-thermally adjusts with patient’s body temperature
  • Maintains its optical clarity (non-yellowing)
  • Extremely durable/repairable
  • Upper or lower

Hawley Retainers

hawleyPerhaps the oldest retainer in the history of dentistry, the Hawley has become one of the most common retainers used by dentists and orthodontists worldwide. 

DPS Hawleys are available in a wide assortment of bold colors. Our talented technicians can also do a personalized design for your patient. Call us at 800-332-3341 for more information.

Hawley Color Gallery

Habit Deviceshabit-crib

We make a variety to habit devices to discourage thumb/finger sucking and tongue thrusting. Call us at 800-332-3341 for more information.