Introducing The Gallery Collection


DPS introduces a new line of highly-esthetic restorations for discerning patients.

Gallery BuildUnrivaled Esthetics and Function
Our highly-skilled ceramists use a palette of shades, stains, and techniques that make it possible to produce almost any visual effect.

The optical characteristics of Gallery Collection restorations mimic those of natural dentition, providing high levels of translucency, surface texture, and opalescence.


Concierge Level Case Planning
The perfect restoration starts with excellent communication.Gallery emax Build

Partnering closely with our team of technicians throughout the restoration process gives you the tools you need during case presentation, preparation, and seating in order to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

The Gallery Collection is indicated for anterior esthetic cases, Gallery5full mouth restorations, complex cases, and large implant cases.
Turnaround Time

Please call Troy Carn at 800-332-3341 for case planning. Most restorations require 10-15 days in the laboratory.

Material Options
e.max Veneers
Diagnostic Wax Ups
Nautilus Core
Nautilus Elite
Nautilus Full Contour

Gallery Material Selection Guide

We are pleased to introduce the leader of The Gallery Collection team, Troy Carn. As the technical specialist, Troy will work closely with offices on case planning and consultation throughout the restoration process to craft beautiful, precise dental solutions.

Troy joins DPS with more than 14 years of experience in the dental laboratory industry. With advanced training in occlusion and esthetics through Dawson, Spear, Pankey, and Ivoclar, Troy emphasizes natural esthetics in his ceramic restorations and full mouth rehabilitation. Troy said, “I love being a technician and I am passionate about working with dentists and patients on full mouth reconstructions and implant cases. I love seeing the changes in the patients’ smiles and their dental health.”