Making Progress – New Building Week 1

If you’ve ever built a house or had rennovations done, you know where we are at. We are making progress in the new building, but not everything is quite there yet.

We are really excited about the opportunties the new lab has in store for us:

  • We have a beautiful shade taking room with lots of natural light to better serve our clients and their patients.
  • The lab is wide open so that our technicians can see each other and work can flow easily from area to area. While will miss the large bank vault that was in the middle of the building in our old space, we are excited to have such an open and bright space.
  • Our conference room can hold more than double the number our old conference room could hold. We are excited to host more events at the lab and offer our space up to the dental community for their meetings.
  • The break room is bright and open with room for two refrigerators, a stove, and a dishwasher.
  • Last, but not least, we have lots of parking!

Once we are all moved in, we will be holding an open house. We can’t wait to show you our new space. Stay tuned for more information!