DentureWith our dentures, we have bundled the most requested services to create three distinct denture lines. Bite blocks, set up, and our Ivocap process are included in each denture line. By bundling these services, we are able to save you time and money.

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Denture Line Comparison Guide

  Value Line


Best for immediate placement or for budget conscious patients.
Integrity Line


An excellent balance of function, fit, esthetics, and price.
Ultra Line


The highest level of esthetics, fit, and function.
Material & Finish
Ivocap­­® acrylic


Smooth finish

Smooth palate

Ivocap­­® acrylic


Naturally contoured gingiva

Anatomical Palate

Ivocap­­® acrylic


Naturally contoured gingiva

Patient-specific gingiva coloring available

Anatomical Palate

Articulation Stratos 100 Stratos 100
Stratos 100
Set Up
Basic set up Esthetic tooth arrangement Patient-specific anterior esthetic tooth arrangement
Resets included
No 1 Reset if necessary 2 Resets if necessary
Base and Bite Registration
Light cure base, bite block Your choice of base and bite registration Your choice of base and bite registration
Personal ID Included
No No Yes

Ivoclar Teeth Selections

We feature a variety of Ivoclar Vivadent teeth to give you the right teeth for every indication.

  • Master Class > Phonares® II : The ultimate in function and esthetics     Phonares Mould Chart
  • Premium > BlueLine® : High performance and esthetics                                BlueLine Mould Chart
  • Entry Level > Ivostar® Gnathostar®: Simple and efficient                             Ivostar Mould Chart

Ivocap Injection System

We use the SR Ivocap injection system in the fabrication of all of our dentures because we feel this produces the most accurate and best fitting methacrylate-based dentures. The SR Ivocap injection system;

  • Provides consistent heat and pressure injection throughout the entire 5 step process. Pressure is then applied during polymerization.
  • Minimizes shrinkage. As the base material flows throughout the mold, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated.
  • Produces stronger, denser acrylic appliances, providing a superior fit and patient comfort.
  • Reduces the possibility of “open bites” during processing, which saves the dentist and the patient chair side adjustment time.