Panthera D-SAD Rods – 3.0

Panthera Sleep, makers of the Panthera D-SAD appliance, introduces the new 3.0 Rod Pack. Starting today, each D-SAD case will be shipped with the new pack, which includes 20 pairs of rods in 0.5mm increments. The rods range in size from 20.5mm to 29mm

Made from the same strong, type 12 organic nylon as the D-SAD, the rod lengths are printed on the rods for easy reference.

“We strive to listen to our dental professional partners and patients, and that is why we designed our new 3.0 Rod Pack to allow more freedom for titration adjustments and more titration range achieved with the same splint, with no reorder needed. Furthermore, our technology allows for full customization of our devices and rods, on demand.” says Marc Morisset, Director of Strategy of Panthera Sleep.

To help D-SAD customers, the Panthera team developed a new rod replacement step by step guide demonstrating rod insertion and removal. Download the new replacement guide.