Sleep Appliance End of Year Deadline

To help your patients maximize their benefits by the end of the year and to ensure you receive your sleep appliances by Monday, December 30,  your impressions/scans, protrusive bite, and Rx must arrive at DPS no later than Wednesday, November 27.  Due to demand, we will not be able to rush Panthera D-SAD cases.
DPS will be closed on November 28-29, December 24-25, and December 31 (closing at noon – no DPS drivers) –  January 1 for the holidays.  Panthera will be closed December 25-January 2.

Shipping Method to DPSDate All Case Materials Must Ship from Your Office
4 DAY UPS11/21/19 
3 DAY UPS11/22/19
2 DAY UPS11/25/19
1 DAY UPS/SPEEDEE/DPS Driver 11/26/19

Please do not use the U.S. Postal Service to ship cases, as they cannot be tracked. If you need pricing on rush shipping costs, please call Roxanne at 800-332-3341.

Tips To Avoid Delays


  • Full capture of last molars and 7-10 mm of tissue distal of the last molars
  • Capture 5 mm of tissue above/below the gingiva
  • Very minimal drag or pull
  • Minimal voids
  • No tray burn through
  • Clean occlusion


  • Check for protrusion.  60-70% is the ideal protrusion for most devices
  • Check for deviation as the patient protrudes.  If the patient has a natural deviation from their natural midline in their protrusive bite, please mark on the order form.  Sample:  “Deviation 2mm to the right”
  • 3-4 mm of vertical opening in the bite
  • Mark on order form if we can alter the vertical, if necessary

Order form fully completed:

  • Dr/Patient name clear
  • All desired options marked
  • Clear design requests
  • Due date matches turnaround time plus shipping time
  • If ordering a Panthera D-SAD, please submit a D-SAD Order Form.