End of Year Deadline for Sleep Appliances

Calendar 2018To ensure you receive your sleep appliances by Thursday, December 27,  your impressions/scans, protrusive bite, and Rx must arrive at DPS no later than Thursday, November 29.  Due to demand, we will not be able to rush Panthera D-SAD cases.

DPS will be closed on November 22-23, December 24-25, and December 31-January 1 for the holidays.  Panthera will be closed December 24-January 1.

Shipping Method to DPS Date All Case Materials Must Ship from Your Office
4 DAY UPS 11/21/18 (Thanksgiving 11/22-11/23)
3 DAY UPS 11/26/18
2 DAY UPS 11/27/18
1 DAY UPS/SPEEDEE/DPS Driver 11/28/18

Please do not use the U.S. Postal Service to ship cases, as they cannot be tracked. If you need pricing on rush shipping costs, please call Roxanne at 800-332-3341.

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Tips To Avoid Delays


  • Full capture of last molars and 7-10 mm of tissue distal of the last molars
  • Capture 5 mm of tissue above/below the gingiva
  • Very minimal drag or pull
  • Minimal voids
  • No tray burn through
  • Clean occlusion
  • Check for protrusion.  60-70% is the ideal protrusion for most devices
  • Check for deviation as the patient protrudes.  If the patient has a natural deviation off their natural midline in their protrusive bite, please mark on the order form.  Sample:  “Deviation 2mm to the right”
  • 3-4 mm of vertical opening in the bite
  • Mark on order form if we can alter the vertical, if necessary
Order form fully completed:
  • Dr/Patient name clear
  • All options checked.
  • Clear design requests
  • Due date matches turnaround time plus shipping time

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