New Temporary Location

We are pleased to announce that we have a new temporary location. The lab is now located at 705 N. Center Point Road, Hiawatha, IA 52233. Our plan is to begin limited operations on Friday.
Our list of people to thank continues to grow. We are so grateful for all the support that has been given to us. We want to begin by acknowledging those who have made this quick transition possible:

Erica Seelman, David Drown, and Adam Gibbs with Gibbs, Lamb, Drown, for locating a perfect temporary location within hours of the fire.

The Primus Dental team, who were on site and starting planning for reconstruction on Sunday. Primus has also made it possible to have the necessary changes to the temp location, allowing us to begin operations on a limited basis by Friday.

Circle Computer, for calling during the fire to reassure us that our data was safe and getting us back on line Sunday night! They are also housing our very smoke contaminated server in their location until we can move it in the new space. This enabled us to begin contacting our clients and providing updates on case status.

The ServPro team for arriving Sunday and beginning the building demo!

Ron Rausch and his team at Wired Productions for knowing we would need a trailer for storage and providing it and pizza on Sunday and giving our Customer Care team a home to start contacting customers.

To our wonderful friends in the dental community who have shown an endless supply of concern and compassion.

Finally to our amazing DPS team and their families for their awe-inspiring work to get back to doing what we do best…creating amazing smiles!
Thank you!

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