Narval CC Discontinued in US

Thank you for your valued partnership. We regret to inform you that ResMed has decided to end commercial sales of the Narval CC sleep appliance in the United States.

Due to an increased volume in appliances, ResMed has notified us that all Narvals must be submitted by June 1. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

You may continue to order the Narval through Dental Prosthetic Services until June 1, 2018. After that time we will be unable to complete your order.

The 3 year warranty on the appliance is still valid and will be honored through the life of the warranty.

You will also be able to order connecting rods for the appliance through us after June 1.

Dental Prosthetic Services remains committed to being your partner in dental sleep medicine. We manufacture an additional 10 FDA-cleared appliances in our laboratory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, including:

  • EMA® Custom
  • Adjustable PM Positioner™
  • O2 OASYS™
  • SomnoDent® Classic
  • SomnoDent® Flex
  • SomnoDent Fusion™
  • SomnoDent Herbst Advance™
  • Panthera D-SAD
  • TAP®3
  • dreamTAP™

Our dental sleep medicine appliance experts would be happy to discuss appliance selection with you. For your convenience, we have included a link to our Dental Sleep Medicine Appliance Comparison

Thank you again for your partnership. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 800-332-3341 or contact either Colleen Digmann, Dental Sleep Medicine Supervisor ( or Deborah Curson-Vieira, Director of Customer Care (