New Narval CC Packaging

narval-packaging-update-americas-image-2First impressions count, and that is why the new packaging was designed to indicate to patients that Narval CC is an innovative, patient specific device enabling them to take the first step toward a better night’s sleep. You will start to see the new packaging beginning this week.

From its stylish new storage case to a conveniently-sized denture brush to a handy inner sleeve that organizes patient instructions and other included items, the new Narval packaging is sure to help deliver a positive experience for your patient.

Updated Cleaning Instructions and Tools
The biggest change you will see is that the sonic cleaner/agitator has been removed and replaced  with a denture brush. ResMed tests show that the most accurate cleaning comes from brushing Narval CC every day and using an antibacterial denture cleanser twice a week.

Other Packaging Updates

  • Connecting rod kits are now provided in a color-printed, heat-sealed foil package.
  • The warranty card has been reformatted to fit the inner sleeve.
  • The instructions for use (IFU) has been reformatted and updated to reflect the new packaging and cleaning protocol.

For more information, see the Narval Packaging Guide

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