Introducing dreamTAP™

The new dreamTAP™ available from DPS.

We are proud to introduce the dreamTAP™, the newest oral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea from TAP Sleep Care. 

Available from Dental Prosthetic Services, the dreamTAP provides more tongue space than the TAP® 3 and TAP® 3 Elite. The titration mechanism has been placed on the mandibular tray in a forward position over the anterior teeth. The bars are now on the facial of the maxillary tray. This new design offers up to 15mm of lateral excursion for bruxers.

Bars have been moved to the facial of the maxilla.
Bars have been moved to the facial of the maxilla.  Nickel free hardware.

The dreamTAP also features three hook sizes for up to 15mm of adjustment range.

The composition of the metal in the mechanism  has changed from stainless steel to chromium-cobalt to eliminate possible allergic reactions to nickel and to increase the strength.

The dreamTAP is PDAC approved.

To order the dreamTAP from DPS, download an Rx,  and send it along with PVS impressions or models, and a protrusive bite.  To schedule a pickup,  call us at  800-332-3341.

Nickel free hardware.
Improved tongue space.

For more information about sleep disordered breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, and oral appliance therapy, visit our dental sleep medicine page.