Impression Troubleshooting: Time & Temperature

Have you turned on the heat in your office yet? If you are like us, you have switched from air conditioning to heat and back again in a 24 hour time period.  Did you know that swings in temperature have a profound effect on your impression material? PVS impression materials are designed to work at 72°F.… Read More

Digital Impression Systems

Clinicians are leveraging their investments in chairside digital impression systems by partnering with digitally enabled laboratories to streamline their workflow and reduce the time and cost of treatment. We are able to accept digital impression files from: 3M True Definition 3Shape Trios Cadent iTero PlanMeca/Plan Scan Sirona Connect any open STL file 3M True Definition… Read More

The Dental Lab’s Top 10 Tips to Take More Effective Photos

Patient photographs are one of the most useful tools available to a clinician when case planning and communicating with your laboratory. Sending digital photographs of your case can make the difference between creating a great restoration and an extraordinary one. Here are a few tips to help make your photographs more effective: Take photos before… Read More

Effective Shade Taking

Two of the most difficult aspects to master in the dental industry are shade matching and communicating what you see. They are difficult because of the limitations of the human eye to perceive color in a clear, concise, and consistent manner; color perception varies from person to person. Some of the limitations to seeing color… Read More