Simply Printed Splints are designed for patients experiencing discomfort due to clenching and bruxism. Digitally designed and printed for excellent fit and retention, Simply Printed Splints have a flat occlusal plane.

Our printable resin combines the strength needed to protect healthy dentition and dental restorations with added flexibility for better patient comfort.

Patient Benefits

  • Precise fit and enhanced patient comfort
  • Superior durability
  • Stain resistent and easy to clean
  • Biocompatible


The device serves as an occlusal guard that fits over all of the upper or lower teeth. Simply Printed Splints are clear and consist of a single-layered hard, yet flexible material that provides durability and comfort. The device has a flat occlusal plane with some teeth touching.


90 days

In-Lab Working Time

4 days

ADA Code

D9944 Occlusal Guard – Hard Appliance, Full Arch