Simple Z final

Now available in posterior bridges and single unit anteriors

Simple Z is a moderately-priced, high-strength,SZA all-zirconia restoration from Dental Prosthetic Services. Designed and milled in our laboratory, Simple Z has a simplified anatomy that is an excellent value-priced option for your patients.

  • Available in Vita Classic and 3D shades (no custom shades)*
  • 100% biocompatible
  • Ideal for cases with minimal occlusal reduction


Simple Z is indicated for single unit anterior teeth, single unit posterior teeth and 3-unit posterior bridges.

Prep Requirements

  • A chamfer margin is preferred; however any traditional full-cast prep is acceptable. Avoid a beveled or knife-edge design.
  • 1 mm or more of occlusal space is ideal.
  • No sharp or right angles.

Recommendations for Cementing

Simple Z can be seated using conventional PFM cementing techniques.

ADA Code

D2740 – Porcelain/Ceramic

$99 per unit
Please allow 6 working days in lab

*DPS guarantees the restoration will match the tab of the requested shade (a single shade only). If a different shade is requested after the restoration is delivered, a remake for a shade change is $25.