The Gallery Collection from DPS combines unrivaled esthetics and function with concierge-level service and case planning to help you deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Unrivaled Esthetics and Function

Gallery Build

Our highly-skilled ceramists use a palette of shades, stains, and techniques that make it possible to produce almost any visual effect.

The optical characteristics of Gallery Collection restorations mimic those of natural dentition, providing high levels of translucency, surface texture, and opalescence.

Concierge Level Service & Case Planning

The perfect restoration starts with excellent communication. Our team of technicians partners closely with you throughout the restoration process, from pre-treatment planning and material selection, to case presentation, preparation, and seating.

This partnership allows our technicians to complete the case to your exact specifications, and allows you to maximize your chairtime, and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

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Planning Your Gallery Case

Material Selection

Diagnostic Wax Ups and Temporaries

Turnaround Time

Please call Troy Carn at 800-332-3341 for case planning. Most restorations require 10-15 days in the laboratory.

The Gallery Collection is available exclusively through Dental Prosthetic Services. All Gallery Collection restorations are meticulously crafted in our lab in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.