IMG_1225At DPS we recognize that our industry is changing rapidly and we choose to lead the change rather than react to it. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through smart, capable, creative people with valuable ideas working in self-organizing teams embodying the principles of personal accountability, courage, and respectful interactions.

We will create a culture that celebrates collaboration to achieve outstanding results for the patients we serve while respecting, trusting, supporting, and enjoying each other as team mates. We believe the best way to achieve amazing success is through continually challenging ourselves and each other to improve our processes, technologies, and skills. We recognize that learning new things and achieving breakthrough results involves trying and, at times, failing, and we agree to support the learning process.

Our culture will pro-actively deny drama, negativity, fear, and power struggles. We will strive to create a culture of respectful, honest, open communication to relate ideas and resolve problems. We will create career paths which provide opportunities to excel in areas of individual strength while contributing to the success of the individual, team, and organization as a whole.